New York Jets Jersey

When they were previously known as the Titans the Jerseys were Navy blue that was combined with gold letters, gold pants and a Navy blue helmet. The pants included two thin blue stripes which ran the length of the pant legs. These types of uniforms were almost similar to the University of Michigan Jerseys.

When the team was purchased by Sonny Werblin it was renamed the Jets. The team made drastic changes to their jerseys especially the color scheme that was changed to green and white. This included white pants and green jerseys or white jerseys. On either side of the white helmet was the green logo airplane with JETS written in the white shape of the plane. There was also a green stripe that ran down the mid area of the helmet running from front to back.

The Logo was changed to a shape of a green football with the name JETS written in it in 1965. In 1968 the uniforms underwent minor changes where the shoulder stripes were altered slightly and a green belt replaced the white belt that on the pants. In 1978 the uniform was changed and it now consisted of Kelly green or white jerseys and Kelly green helmet, or white jerseys that were combined with white pants. In the year 2002 the jets introduced a away Jersey which was white pants and white jerseys. The team also introduced an alternative jersey that includes white jerseys and green pants.

In 2009 the team introduced a new version of the Titans throwbacks which was white jerseys with gold pants. The New York Jets wore this uniform when they were playing against the Oakland raiders on th 25th of October 2009. When they played against Tennessee Titans on the 27th of November 2009 the Jets wore their blue titan’s uniforms.

New York Jets Jerseys


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